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    SLOBS .Overlay scenes.

    This guide only applies if you are using SLOBS, just few clicks and you are ready to go!

    We are adding this support to the premade packs one by one, be sure to check before you purchase it the description od the product, it will be stated on the design if this feature is available.

    1. After the purchase you will receive links for product download via email, or you can find download link on My Account page.
    2. Unzip file and you will find different folders with different names, navigate to the folder with name that includes Streamlabs (usually we name folder “Streamlabs scenes and alerts) but in some cases it might be named differently.
    3. Open SLOBS and on the top right corner navigate to the gear icon (Settings) and click on it.
    4. Window with settings will open and now you can navigate to the “Scene Collections”
    5. Click on that menu and it will open .Overlay export/import options.
    6. Click on the “Import overlay file”
    7. Navigate to the folder you downloaded and unzipped and open the folder with name that includes Streamlabs, click on the link in the folder and it will start import.
    8. That’s it, your scenes are now imported.
    importing scenes in SLOBS

    Scenes and Sources.

    I will be using the Fire Dance pack for this guide you can find it here if you like it.

    After the import is done you will have a lot of scenes on the left side, all scenes are created for you but you are free to edit everything you need.

    Each scene have Sources which you can move, edit text, change position of the elements, it’s up to you to make your scenes suit your needs.

    scenes in SLOBS

    Premade scenes that are created for you.

    Depending on product you purchased it might have different scenes set up, but it all comes to the same set up and use.

    In this Fire Dance pack that I’m using as example all scenes are easy to edit and use, but you are free to customize it as you wish!

    Example of the created scenes:

    • Starting Soon
    • Be right back
    • Stream ended
    • Intermission
    • Intermission/Talk scene with different webcam aspect ratio (16-9 or 4-3)
    • Webcams with labels
    • Additional designs like labels/icons/chat frames
    Scenes kireaki premade designs


    Sources are what is Scene is made of it can be Image, Video, text, webcam, video capture and much more…

    It depends on you what you will need on the scene and how you will use Premade designs to make it suit your needs.

    We provide basic standard set up of the sources with everything you need for the streaming.


    Social names and other text/images editing.

    Each scene can contain  Social media and icons which you can easy change and edit.

    In sources you will find Social Media and Icons edit it can be named differently but context is always the same

    Social names and icons are grouped and placed as scene collection on the right side menu.

    When you edit that scene with socials/names all other scenes that have that scene imported in source will have changes updated.

    Socials and name edit for premade kireaki pack

    Adding Premade scenes to new scene as source.

    In some cases when you want to create new scene but you still want to use some created designs, let’s say you want to create scene where you will  have only social names.

    But you don’t want to make them from scratch.

    1. Create new scene
    2. Click on the + icon on the sources
    3. Select Scene and click add source
    4. Now find the scene you want to import in our example it’s the Social media labels scene
    5. When you have selected the created scene just click on the “Add existing source”
    6. Now position source as you wish
    source edit for kireaki premade design pack
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