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    Open PSD file that comes with the pack (Notice that you will need Photoshop to edit this file if you don’t have Photoshop you can use premade live notifications)

    In PSD file you will have few grouped layers.

    For editing text choose folder with TEXT name and edit text as you wish, name your channel or edit any additional info you want to have.

    Click 2x times on text layer if you want to edit it,or click on the icon T on the left menu, and click on the text you want to edit.

    Hide other layers you wont use

    Choose background you want to use in case there are more offered.

    If you are done with Editing you can press enter to play the animation or on the bottom panel press play icon.

    If you don’t see bottom panel, on the top bar go under Window->Timeline

    Exporting Live notification.

    When you are done and happy with the editing On top menu go under File->Export->Render Video->Select folder where you will save it and export.

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