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    Premade design with StreamElements!

    If you are a StreamElements user with our premade designs you can setup all with just few clicks, overlays are created for you same as alertbox and widgets.

    When you purchase our premade that supports StreamElements platform you will receive links for your overlays, all you have to do it click on them and overlays/scenes will be created for you under “My Overlays”

    First step to do!!!

    Before you click on any links in the folder we recommend that you log in to the StreamElements first, if you stream on Twitch log in with your twitch account.

    StreamElements log in

    Importing overlays/scenes!

    After you logged on to the StreamElements you can now click links in the folder, when you clicked the links it will save them on your account.

    You need to click on every link you want to be shared with you, all scenes are saved separately for you.

    Fire dance streamelements links kireaki premade design

    streamelements links for kireaki premade design

    Where will you find your overlays!

    Your find all your overlays by clicking “My overlays” on the menu dashboard on the left side.

    premade design kireaki overlays in streamelements 1
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