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    StreamElements widgets/labels.

    Setting up widgets with StreamElements is really easy and you should be ready to stream in a second with our premade designs.

    When you purchase Premade pack that have StreamElements support you will get all overlays ready for you, all scenes are created and ready and widget like Latest Follower, Subscriber, Tip, Cheer, etc… are already on you overlay.

    But it’s up to you if you want to use some other widgets/labels.

    widgets streamelements

    Editing Widget text/description.

    It’s easy to change text for your widgets.

    Example If you want to change text Latest Follower to New follower you have few options how to change it.

    1. On the left side find the layer with text you want to change click on it and on top of the panel you will see text which you can edit as you like.
    2. Click on the text you want to change and it will open that layer in the panel, now just change text on the left side.
    editing premade design kireaki streamelements

    Changing font/font size/text color.

    You can easy change text setting as you like, if you don’t like font or you want to use some different color it’s easy to edit it in the text setting on the left side panel.

    You can use Google fonts which are free or you can use your own font, just be sure that you type name of the font exactly as it is on your PC.

    Our advice would be put in notes all colors/font size/ font name you want to use so it’s easier for you just to copy/paste info for text you want to edit.

    chaning font premade design kireaki streamelements

    Overlay link for browser source!

    When you are finished with all edits and testing and you are ready to go live, you can follow this steps.

    1. Be sure to save your overlay by clicking SAVE on the bottom left.
    2. Click on the “Launch”
    3. New window will pop up where you will see your overlay link
    4. Copy the link and open OBS Studio or OBS Live (if you are using SLOBS you might have some problems cause they do not support StreamElements browser sources always so we can’t say it will work for you 100%)
    5. Click Add, then click Browser and name it something like, “Stream Alerts”.
    6. Now paste the URL that you got from your alert app into the URL section.
    7. Adjust the Width, Height, and FPS to your liking, and make sure to check, Shutdown source when not visible”.
    8. Click OK, and now you’ll have your alerts added to OBS. You can move and resize the browser source around to place it wherever you want the alerts to show up on your stream.
    copy overlay link
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