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    Premade Designs
    Easy to edit and use with just few clicks!
    Premade design is everything created for you!

    All scenes and overlays are already in place and can be used from the get-go without any manual setup. All you have to do is just stream and have fun!

    Simple, right?

    Well there are some stuff you need  to do before you are ready to concur the streaming world.

    Here you can find some guides how and what to do!


    Choose design you like!

    Check our Shop categories to find anything you could need for streaming!

    Premade Bundles, alerts, scenes, webcam frames, panels and much more


    If you need custom edits?

    We got you covered!

    Just fill any custom info on a product page that supports that feature such as custom names, social links panels and etc.


    Ready to stream?

    You got the designs and ready to stream, but not sure how to plug everything in?
    Check out our guides page for all the necessary info about hot to setup anything ASAP.
    If you already know what to do, then GO LIVE NOW and surprise your viewers with new dope graphics!

    What does premade pack contain?

    When you find what you like, please read the additional info what is offered in that design.

    Depending on the product it can contain:

    • Stream scenes like Start/End/Brb
    • Intermission (Talk scene)
    • Stream alerts
    • Stream panels
    • Overlays for the in game scene
    • Webcam frames
    • Labels and widgets
    • ….

    Each product is different and we provide all info what pack contains it can be:

    • PSD files (You can edit those files with the Photoshop)
    • Images (PNG/JPEG files)
    • Video files (webm/mov/mp4)
    • Read me and guides how to use design.

    If you are not sure you have all info needed, contact us on discord or via email on the contact form.

    Please provide name of the product you are interested in or link to the product and your question!

    What are Premade Stream scenes?

    Stream scenes can be:

    • In game overlay (that contains your webcam, labels and socials, or anything else you want to have on the in game screen for viewers to see).
    • Starting soon scene usually contains Starting soon text, socials names, timer, labels/widgets and any other content you need.
    • Be right back scene usually is for period of time when you are away from the stream, it can have text BE RIGHT BACK or any other info for your viewers to know that you will be back soon.
    • Stream end scene this is usually cool scene to finish the stream and focus maybe few minutes on chat and communicate with viewers, thank them for the support/follow/tip/sub etc…
    • Intermission scene or Talk scene usually it have background and space for your webcam or any other screen you wanna share, chat frame for and labels/widgets. It can be in different resolution depending on your preferences.
    • It depends on you what you wanna have on each scene,  we provide premade solution, but it’s up to you how you wanna position designs on actual scene. We give you options to move ANYTHING– text/labels/widgets etc…
      You are the master of your stream!!!

    Premade designs supporting StreamElements or SLOBS!

    If it’s stated on the product page, this design can be easily imported and used in just few clicks on these platforms/programs.
    Designs are already positioned for you, we create scenes that you can import in your StreamElements account if you are StreamElements user, or SLOBS overlay scenes if you are using Streamlabs.
    Each scene is fully customizable and you can change/add/remove anything on it at your will!

    Each scene you can custom edit with your text add or remove any info from it.

    Custom edit of the Premade design!!

    Not all Premade designs have edit option, cause not all of them need it.

    Please read carefully what can be edited and provide all names/socials link you need to be added to your design.

    Make sure to type all correctly.

    We offer edit in 30 days time frame and that only is offered for text, for premade designs we do not offer color change, adding additional designs on the product. Premade design is sold as you see it so please take your time and read carefully additional information.

    If you are interested in editing designs by yourself we provide PSD files for most of the designs (please check info details of the product). You would need to have Photoshop if you don’t have it you can easy download free trial of Photoshop or buy full licence for it.

    Most of static designs are created in Photoshop CC2019   but you can easy edit files in later versions.

    Adobe Photoshop free trial

    You can also edit custom text in OBS/SLOBS any other streaming program that offers text source.

    We provide clean design without text so you can position additional info via those programs.

    edit custom design at kireaki

    Sending custom design edits.

    You will receive custom edited files on email you provided during the check out.

    Delivery can be take up to 3 business days,  (We do not send custom edits over weekend or holidays please be aware of that before you contact us asking  “Where are my files?” )

    If you did not received your custom edits please check the spam folder just in case and contact us with the number of the order, you can find that order number on the email you received when you purchased the product.

    You will receive link for download files  in Zip format, please read this article if you don’t know what it is or how to open it

    If you need additional edit you can reply on the email you received.

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